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In our East Texas service area, carpenter ants are a threat no homeowner should shrug off. If you’re seeing signs of carpenter ant activity, that is to say, large black ants crawling around in or near your home, this may be the only sign you will get to alert you of their presence.

Carpenter ants don’t usually cause damages that are obvious. Therefore you aren’t likely to see these pests actually damaging your home.

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Spotting Carpenter Ant Damage Can Be Difficult

Carpenter ants chew on the inside of wood instead of the outside which is what makes it so tricky to detect them. Their reason for chewing galleries inside the structural wood of homes is so they can establish their nests. It wouldn’t be very smart of them to create nests on the outside of wood where predators could find and eat them.

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So, uncovering carpenter ant damage can be quite difficult. Here are some things you should know about Carpenter Ants:

  • They are about a half-inch (1.2 centimeters) long and completely black with yellowish hairs on the abdomen.
  •  Depending on where black carpenter ants nest during the year determines whether they are seen as an interesting insect or a costly pest. 
  • Carpenter ants naturally nest in dead logs and wood in forests.
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